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PROVIDER – Provider Portals

This mobile application provides practicing physicians with tools that enhance productivity at the point of care. Physicians can look up patient summaries, panel and practice level performance measures, access care guidelines, and send or receive messages securely.


  • Improved physician productivity due to readily accessible content
  • Integrated SharePoint content
  • Integrated secure messaging
  • Reduced support overheads


  • Data integration with Electronic Health Records
  • A central repository of clinical content for all patients.
  • All Problems, Medication prescribed and filled, allergies, labs, radiology, EKG’s, vitals, procedures, referrals, diagnosis
  • Ability to provide intervention reports
  • IoT
  • Performance measures for each physician for HCC summary, recapture rate, P4P scores, STAR Scores, etc.
  • Patient management: list, schedule, panels, etc.,
  • Care guidelines and patient education material