MMSEA Compliance Reporting

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PAYER – MMSEA Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting solutions helps multiple clients through the process of getting compliant with MMSEA Section 111 mandatory reporting. IRIS, our compliance reporting engine enables responsible reporting entities (RREs) to submit information about Medicare beneficiaries receiving benefits under GHP and NGHP settings.


  • Robust, secure online application built on n-tier architecture
  • Comprehensive reporting solution that enables transmission of secure and encrypted data
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Ongoing support to make changes to update from CMS


  • Secure login for agents, RREs and admins
  • Ability to accept data from clients in multiple formats – Excel to XML and everything in between
  • Configurable validation engine to validate data against user defined rules
  • Transformation engine configured to format data to COBC format
  • COBC output format pre-configured
  • Ability to track MSP response files from CMS and track MSP occurrences and errors
  • Online access for fixing validation errors and errors in MSP response file
  • Scheduler to alert and remind clients on data transmission