Mobile Solutions


iSpace has significant expertise encompassing the value chain of the mobile content and applications business. We have helped clients define their mobile business strategy, develop user centric applications, integrate systems and create powerful user experiences for their end customers. iSpace Mobile services provide organizations with the roadmap, implementation expertise and best practices to create next-generation mobile data solutions.


iSpace consulting services include strategic visioning, defining service strategies based on benchmarked best practices, requirements analysis, solution design, analysis of competitive landscape, customer experience modeling, roadmap for implementation and identification of strategic partnerships. iSpace consultants work with your team to develop a comprehensive plan that satisfies the needs and expectations of your customers, business partners and employees.


Organizations are now looking at leveraging the power of smart phones, PDAs and convergence devices along with appropriately designed software solutions to help them increase revenues, improve customer service, and enhance operational efficiencies and profits. Mobile web is poised to become the most preferred method of information access. With today's improved hybrid wireless devices, networks offering connectivity in exponential terms, Mobile web is fast emerging as the next big wireless internet phenomenon. It holds the key to on-the-go secure information access with paradigm changing opportunities and benefits.

iSpace can assist organizations in selecting their enterprise mobile strategy based on the industry in which they operate and recommend suitable solutions to achieve the strategic goals of the customer organization. iSpace consultants have architected complex mobile solutions in the past using versatile Mobile Platforms. The UI designers are specialists in creating rich user interfaces that foster customer engagement.


The tremendous proliferation of mobile phones into our day to day activities has made it the most ubiquitous gadget of choice. Marketers are beginning to discover the potential of mobile-web technology that's rapidly converging to change the way consumers think, behave and respond to endless streaming of content they are subjected to every day.

To succeed with their mobile-web strategy organizations are turning to specialists who understand the new set of behavioral and transactional modalities that span across multiple media and device channels.

High-touch, high- impact - that's how we view and create mobile user experiences not only to wow your customers with great design but also as a strategic tool to drive consumer engagement through great usability that tunes into the underlying psychology.

iSpace's unparalleled understanding of the intricacies of handset platforms, mobile networks and back-end infrastructure helps us offer a complete solution in conjunction with our other mobile services.


iSpace has partnered with leading hosting facilities and carriers to provide a one-stop shop for launching and running a successful mobile data business. Whether providing the back-end infrastructure for key applications, or hosting an entire mobile data business, including content, apps and billing services, iSpace managed services offer a flexible cost model that helps meet your business objectives and time-to-market requirements.