In today’s fast paced, unpredictable & highly competitive Global economy, organizations are challenged with improving operational efficiency & productivity with ever-diminishing budgets. Corporate management is recognizing that performance improvement is about unlocking value, seizing opportunities and producing consistent results along the way. With that backdrop, many executives find that running the enterprise consumes the bulk of their time and energy. They lack the time and resources to manage non-core, non-critical resource-intensive processes properly.

Market leaders constantly evaluate new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. Business Process Services from iSpace creates such an opportunity. Our portfolio of business process services enables our clients to focus on core competencies, achieve operational excellence and outperform the competition.

Let iSpace help you with your functional areas and processes. Our services are designed to bring control, discipline and domain expertise to our customer’s business, freeing them to concentrate on their core competencies.

Leverage the Business Process Services advantage:

Outsourcing a business process to an expert third party business provider like iSpace can help improve efficiency and productivity and prepare for market challenges. iSpace Business Process & Technology services can help clients:

  • Improve operational efficiencies by leveraging best practices and domain experts.
  • Improve process efficiencies through technology optimization.
  • Increase revenues by helping create new ways of servicing a market or performing a specific business function.
  • Decrease costs and achieve economies of scale through a shared services model.

Leverage iSpace expertise:

iSpace strength is delivering end-to-end business process solutions to meet our clients' needs. Clients partner with us to bring alternative strategies to a customized client specific solution. Our areas of expertise are broken out into Vertical Services and Shared Services:


  • Provide Revenue Cycle Management Services.
  • Property and Casualty Management Services.


  • Warranty & Rebate Services.
  • Finance & Accounting Services.
  • Document Management Services.
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Services.