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To differentiate and be successful in an increasingly competitive environment, Health Plans must strive to deliver a highly customized experience to their Members. By providing accurate, secure and on-demand access to health information to their Members, Health Plans can drive higher levels of consumer engagement, influence wellness and reduce costs through operational efficiencies. Members benefit by taking charge of their health benefits and expenditure. A set of custom-developed tools, information and targeted communication aid Members in becoming well-informed consumers and better decision makers.

Health Plans are now looking at cost-effective ways of leveraging the power of smart phones, PDAs and convergence devices smartly driven by customized software applications. The objective is to empower Members with tools that improve usability and convenience, translating to better brand loyalty and improved Membership levels. Employing mobile solutions in Healthcare is an emerging trend. It holds the key to on-the-go, secure information access with paradigm-changing opportunities and benefits.

By providing a wide variety of health and wellness solutions and resources, Health Plans help their Members learn about and proactively address specific issues and conditions that affect their health and wellbeing. Most Internet based Member Portals provide Members with one-stop shops for managing their health and wellness needs.

The internet is a powerful platform for health insurance providers to meet the growing self-education and self-service demands of an increasingly informed Membership, while still controlling access to that information. However, Health Plans are unable to drive higher utilization of the Internet portals. Members still fall back on traditional touch points for their on-demand needs. The reason for this is most Members seek personalized health information on-demand when the need arises. Unless the Member is at a computer, the Internet portals fall short in serving the needs of Members who are on the go or need information on-demand.

With the rise of the Mobile smart phones and access to the Internet on mobile devices, the gap created by Internet based Member portals can be bridged by delivering on-demand, personalized health information via the Mobile device. Our Payer to Member (P2M) application enables Health Plans to serve their Members better with dynamic content and improved outreach.

iSpace built the Payer to Member (P2M) application using its proprietary mobile platform “Code Once, Deploy Everywhere”. Our versatile mobile platform helps deliver personalized information on-demand to any mobile phone user irrespective of which network, device (iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, etc.) or operating system (iPhone OS, BlackBerry OS, Android, Windows ME, etc.) is used.

iSpace can work with you in identifying Enterprise-Wide opportunities and together co-create the next generation mobile solutions. To learn more about our Mobile Solutions click here.

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