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Healthcare Providers today operate in an increasingly complex environment with rising competition and stringent regulations. With the ever-growing demands of regulatory and technology changes, soaring costs, payments driven by performance, it is becoming increasingly imperative for the Providers to deliver better outcomes with a lower cost structure. Hospitals gather increasing volume of data but lack sufficient resources and time to convert this data into actionable intelligence. Consequently, Hospitals today face a growing gap between their need for accurate information and their ability to present structured data in an easily understandable and meaningful format to make informed decisions. iSpace provides best of breed data analytics and decision support solutions across multiple industries. Customers find iSpace analytics easy to implement and use, delivering high impact to the business with low associated risk. Our team of technology and industry experts help maximize the value and power of customer data through insightful, customized business intelligence and analytical tools. Articulating your business needs, our analytics team uses advanced technologies along with proven techniques and processes to extract, collect, classify, analyze, interpret and deliver actionable intelligence to provide better perspective and insights for decision making. As part of our BI and Analytics service offering, we provide a robust and scalable technology platform, specific products that address different analytical needs and consulting services to our customers.

Provider Analytics Suite

Financial Analytics
  • DRG Cost Analytics
  • Revenue Cycle Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Hospital Performa nce Scorecard
  • Market Growth optimization
Operational Analytics
  • Hospital Operations Dashboard
  • Service Line Intelligence
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Hospital Capacity & Utilization Intelligence
  • Patient Throughput optimization
  • Patient Satisfaction Analytics
  • Employee Satisfaction Analytics
Clinical & Compliance Analytics
  • Core Measure Analytics
  • Physician Performance Score cards
  • Patient Care Analytics
  • Pay for Performance Manager

The Decision Support System You Need!

Our Product displays information in a graphical interface that is user-friendly and provides the ability to drill down to patient-level detail as desired. The Key Features are:

  • Real time data extraction & data management activities
  • Track benchmarks for each KPI per physician, facility, payer, or group level
  • User specific customized dashboard and ad-hoc reports with query builder to get started quickly
  • Ability to drill down to root cause to investigate the underlying data and analyze problems more in-depth
  • Design and deliver timely reporting solutions, including dashboards, performance data, comparative analyses, quality tracking, and impact analyses for improvement initiatives

What it means to YOU?

  • Provides holistic view of the hospital's performance
  • Align hospital's clinical, financial and operational goals into meaningful business intelligence
  • Process improvement through benchmark analysis
  • Identifies Physician with practice patterns of greater resource utilization than their peers
  • Decision Support capabilities to predict likely events based on trends and "what if" analysis
  • Improves Quality, Cost and Efficiency outcomes
  • Rapid implementation leveraging hospital's existing technology to deliver immediate ROI
  • Scalable solution with integration capabilities
  • Software-as-a-Service delivery model requiring minimum IT support
  • Competitive pricing with low monthly subscription


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