Web Security Testing

Security testing is a broad effort that requires a domain of expertise beyond traditional software testing. In particular, application software security testing is very different from software functionality testing. Security issues are among the highest concerns to many organizations.

As organizations struggle to maintain a strong security posture with shrinking resources, iSpace's Managed Security Testing services is a cost effective way to meet your security needs and budgets. iSpace provides Security Services for identifying and minimizing risks on applications and networks.

Our security testing services primarily addresses threats to information security when it comes to mission critical business applications. We closely collaborate and work with our customers throughout the development lifecycle and enable them to identify and eliminate significant security risks. We apply industry standard security testing practices, which enables our clients in developing highly secured applications. We carry out extensive and incremental code reviews to ensure that coding is done in line with the security standards. Vulnerabilities may be inherent within the application due to flawed design, improper coding practices or configuration errors. These vulnerabilities, if not identified and fixed, could adversely impact the business processes and the reputation of an organization. To effectively address these security vulnerabilities we carry out extensive vulnerability checks (manual and automated) to identify potential information security threats in an application, and to determine the risk index of the application.

The Security Testing team at iSpace is capable and adept at identifying security vulnerabilities. Our Security Testing Services encompass both Application Security and Network Security Measures and follow the OWASP Application Security Assessment Standards.

iSpace Security Testing services include:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Security Code Reviews
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Payment Card Industry Scans
  • Product Security Testing

Web Security testing Services