Enterprise Software Testing

Enterprise software test solutions (ERP, SCM, CRM) are an essential part of many large enterprises and, by their nature, they serve as the backbone of the business operations. Given the critical role of Enterprise software solutions, it is imperative that they operate effectively and efficiently all the time.

iSpace is uniquely positioned to ensure not only successful deployment of your enterprise software but also its version upgrade and migration. Investment on testing of enterprise software applications across industries is growing with business challenges and complexities emerging out of increasing globalization.

iSpace service offerings bring value to all stages of an enterprise software lifecycle. iSpace leverages expertise from its strong and established partner relationships with Microsoft Technologies as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, while taking advantage of its dedicated team of developers & testers.

At iSpace, we help transform and manage through the value chain by building comprehensive, efficient, and robust solutions customized to the client’s needs across the following areas:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)