Analytics/Business Intelligence

Businesses today operate in an increasingly complex environment with growing competition and stringent regulations. With the ever growing demands of regulatory and technology changes, it is becoming increasingly imperative for businesses to deliver better results. Companies gather increasing volume of data but lack sufficient resources and time to convert this data into actionable intelligence. Consequently, industries today face a growing gap between their need for accurate information and their ability to generate data in easily understandable and meaningful formats to make informed decisions.

iSpace provides optimized and objective data analytics and decision support solutions to the industry experts in insurance, healthcare and retail industries. Customers find iSpace analytics easy to implement and use, creating high impact on the business with low associated risk. Our team of technology and industry experts help maximize the value and power of customer data through insightful, customized business intelligence and analytical tools. Articulating the business needs of our customers, iSpace analytics team use advanced technologies along with proven techniques and processes to extract, collect, classify, analyze, interpret and deliver actionable information to provide better perspective and insights for decision making.

Our Analytics product suite provides better insight and visibility across different industries to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our solution is ideal for organizations with limited IT capabilities and data siloed in disparate databases. iSpace BI Suite is a complete, affordable, scalable and customizable solution with dashboards, scorecards, ad-hoc reporting and analytics with “what if” capabilities enabling organizations to achieve BI success in minimal time.

As part of our BI and Analytics service offering, we provide a configurable technology platform, specific products that address different analytic needs and consulting services to our customers.


iSpace offers comprehensive Business Intelligence applications catering to strategic, tactical & operational data analysis & reporting needs of multiple vertical industries. Utilizing advanced technology, our clients are able to get better insight in to their data and drive better outcomes while improving operational efficiency, identify & lower cost drivers, improve quality, risk and safety. iSpace BI and analytic products are grouped based on the market it serves.

  • Insurance
  • Retail


iSpace offers niche solutions and products to vertical industries based on our integrated analytics platform. While industries continue to accumulate increase volume of data, administrators lack insights into critical business processes and events. Our platform allows users to access actionable operational and financial data which provides strategic insight to improve performance and initiates proactive interventions.

The Platform is a scalable BI solution with integrated web reporting, custom dash boards and drill down capabilities through a secure sign on, As an integrated solution, the platform delivers information exchange capabilities between multiple entities while integrating their data into a master data warehouse. It leverages the power of industry standard messaging formats such as HL7 & x12 in healthcare and can also integrate organization-specific proprietary formats.

iSpace Platform features a multi-tiered architecture combined with a broad range of BI tools providing greater performance as well as flexibility to meet the information needs of the end users.


  • Integrated Platform: Integrates custom dash boarding, online analytics and executive reporting.
  • Data Adaptability: Extracts, transform and load data from multiple sources creating a standardized comprehensible view for its users.
  • Secure: Role based access provided to the users within an organization.
  • Cost effective solution: As a hosted platform, iSpace provides speedy data deployment and continuous support.
  • Easy Implementation: Configurable, role-based user interface customizations.
  • Advanced Analytics: What-if analysis, root cause analysis.
  • Supports executive summary reporting with drill down analytic capability.


  • Reporting Modules
  • Business Intelligence applications


iSpace business intelligence and analytics consultants help companies aggregate, analyze, model and present customer information to facilitate effective decision-making at all levels of the organization. Our services help companies:

  • Improve top line revenue by identifying product, pricing or promotion opportunities.
  • Improve bottom line by optimizing back-office operations and improving performance.
  • Differentiate and define business relative to competitors.

Our BI Consulting services include the following:

  • Strategy: iSpace will help define your strategic and tactical business needs and align them with your business imperatives.
  • Data Warehouse: Design the data architecture and collect, integrate and analyze information from a variety of systems into one central source.
  • Presentation: Develop reports, scorecards & dashboards to help measure and monitor key metrics.
  • Analytics: Design OLAP to identify opportunities and analyze areas for improvement.

We offer a complete suite of industry-specific business intelligence offerings across all leading software platforms.