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How can your organization be more competitive? How can you prosper with the rising costs of technology? How can you offer a better quality product or service without additional labor or capital investment? Tell us about your organization and your challenges. We listen to you and bring a fresh perspective with new questions and new answers. Our process improvement consultants can help your company throughout the US.

Our focus is your business. Each process improvement project is designed to meet your unique and desired outcomes. Our consultants work with your personnel to facilitate the development of a tactical plan for your process improvement project. This leverages the use of consulting resources and promotes the ownership and buy-in of your employees to the process. As a result they are able to keep on course as new challenges are encountered

Proposed Solution: Business Process Consulting
High Level Overview

BP Consulting Overview


Our client organizations continuously face challenges due to the competitive business environments they operate in. With rising cost pressures and changing industry dynamics, it is imperative for our clients to operate at their highest efficiency to sustain growth and meet market expectations.

iSpace works with its clients to achieve improved operational efficiencies by leveraging the changing technological landscape, providing flexible sourcing strategies and better Governance models.

We recognize that your business processes form the underlying DNA of your service operations. iSpace Business Process Consulting helps in streamlining and optimizing your business processes to dramatically improve service levels experienced by your end customers and bring cost savings to your bottom line.

Our process consultants leverage lean six sigma design to build truly transformative solutions. We believe whatever is measured and tracked can be improved and this philosophy forms the bedrock for designing continuous process improvement programs that deliver sustainable process excellence.

Our methodology has been developed and refined over the years. iSpace process consultants learn about your business operations from your experienced staff and translate the gathered knowledge into the iSpace BPC analytical framework.

We work with your staff to define processes, their characteristics, measured criteria, service levels, key enablers, challenges, constraints etc. This level of ‘mapping’ your process is followed by an assessment of your current technology, its constraints, opportunities for improvement and how it may impact your organization, its constituents and end  customers.

Attributing a definite cost to a service, transaction or process throws light on inequities in resource utilization and keeps a check on cost of service. On completion of assessing technology reengineering options and opportunities, we focus on your cost of operations, decompose costs to their lowest common denominator and bring about relationships between cost of a process and its characteristics.  We also quantify various improvement interventions identified during process mapping and technology assessment.

At the end of a typical one week onsite consulting engagement, our process consultants work with your business owners to prioritize key opportunities that can be leveraged by the business unit and define the value the opportunity / intervention may bring to your bottom line. The ROI, cost savings and implementation roadmap are a part of our final deliverable.

A solution is proposed by the end of the second week with a tentative project plan for review by the client organization.

The essence of the business process consulting framework is shown below:


  • Identify all business activities, tools, deliverables, resources and technology enablers.
  • Develop process maps.
  • Document existing process definitions.
  • Document process inputs, outputs, measurement criteria, existing benchmarks /service levels, reporting methods, tools, templates.
  • Analyze process characteristics such as complexity, criticality, resource requirements etc.
  • Analyze existing training documentation.
  • Time study to confirm productivity assumptions.
  • Review current training materials and determine additional requirements.


  • Document current state technology environment and infrastructure.
  • Document current state technical solution by process / product.
  • Identify issues and constraints impacting operational efficiency.
  • Brainstorm alternative solutions to resolve constraints and issues.
  • Explore technology led automation ideas for improved performance.
  • Quantify business benefit, develop business case for technology enhancement / reengineering.


  • Gather business line level / product / service line financial information.
  • Analyze costs and profitability by product, service line, function and process.
  • Analyze costs and profitability by process characteristics.
  • Quantify value of various prioritized interventions.
  • Quantify cost savings across various units by intervention in terms of cost and profitability.


  • Prioritize key opportunities by value to client.
  • Quantify project costs, ROI and cost savings.
  • Develop implementation roadmap.


  • Develop detailed solution.
  • Qualify and quantify implementation risks.
  • Develop a project plan.
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