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Dental providers across the world continue to face problems in establishing and maintaining acceptable operating margins. Most dental providers do not have the time or resources to monitor their operational efficiencies and financial impact, which cause significant losses. Finding ways to streamline and maximize workflow to lower operating costs is imperative. The efficient management of cash flow and revenues are critical factors in a professionally run practices.

iSpace provides a broad range of Revenue Cycle Management services to Dental Providers and Dental Billing companies. At iSpace, we leverage people, processes and technology to provide operational and financial solutions to our clients. Our goal is to help you maximize revenues and reduce expenses. Our experienced management professionals help you analyze your current revenue cycle and positively impact cash flow. Revenue problems must be addressed as part of a coordinated solution to obtain real improvement. With iSpace customized solutions, customers are able to improve their efficiency, reduce cost, increase cash flow and more efficiently manage complex revenue and payment cycle process.

Services we offer:

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Eligibility Verification (EV) and Benefits
  • Cash Posting
  • Analysis
  • Insurance Follow up
  • Denial Management
  • Patient Collections


Patient Registration or Demographics Entry is the function of creating or updating the personal details of the Patient, Guarantor & Subscriber in the system database. It also involves entry & archiving of the patient's Coverage Information in the system.


As part of this process, a patient is called and reminded of his/her scheduled appointment with the doctor. This can be for new and recall appointments.


EV is a process of verifying a patient's insurance eligibility. Once an appointment is scheduled, the patients insurance is verified before treatment. If the insurance is not valid, patient is advised upfront and the bills are sent directly to the patient.

Benefit verification (BV) is a process that follows EV, where a patient's benefits are verified according to %. These are classified under three categories a) Preventative b) Basic c) Major. Communicating with patients' dental benefit providers properly is vital to most practices. Accurate benefit verification has a direct impact on the promptness of claim payments. Many insurance company's payment delays are caused by inaccurate verifications on the part of the Practitioner's office or missed information at the time of the verification.


The payments which are received from insurance/patients are applied to the patient account. Insurance payments are posted to the patient accounts from EOB's into your billing system. We get all your payments posted in your billing system and reconciled usually within 24 hours.


The purpose of claim analysis is to identify and resolve dental claims billing and reimbursement issues to maximize collections and minimize accounts receivables. It helps to ensure timely, accurate and final settlement of dental insurance claims and patient bills by insurers or patients as appropriate. The scope of claim analysis is applicable to all dental insurance claims and patient bills that have not been fully and finally settled by the liable party or parties comprised of dental insurers, patients and others. It is the responsibility of the Accounts Receivables Analyst to ensure that AR is under control & acceptable by industry standards.


Collection of receivables is essential to any practice but is not an easy task. iSpace has employed a professional and efficient tool (CBO Communication log) to recover the receivables. All the ageing claims are automatically routed to the dedicated AR specialist who in turn resolves the issue with insurance so that the claim is paid in a timely manner and at the highest level of reimbursement. This helps our clients getting paid more and faster.


This process ensures that appropriate action is taken on a denied claim as per the EOB (Explanation of Benefit). The actions include a) Closing of a claim. b) Moving money to the patient c) Reprocessing the claim for payment. We analyze, correct and resubmit the claims that are denied by the payers.


Our Patient Collections team will call and explain patients regarding their portion of the bill and inform them of the time period for payment before moving the account to a collection agency.

The solution benefits

  • Positively impact cash flow and performance.
  • Improved patient experience and satisfaction with ease of use.
  • Access to state-of-the-art revenue cycle technology for competitive advantage.
  • Detailed and periodic performance reports to improve the process and reduce the risks.
  • Extra emphasis on achieving division/section cash goals.
  • Customized solutions that combine offshore and on-site execution to ensure maximum profitability.
  • Increased cash flow and lower expenses.
  • Proven methodologies to achieve a Higher Return on Investment.
  • Long-term relationships that provide cost predictability, results and risk sharing.
  • Support with advanced tools to efficiently predict the overall system response.
  • Quantifiable and sustainable improvements with revenue cycle key performance indicators.
  • Custom-made strategies to address competence of existing resources, prioritization of tasks, and implementation and monitoring of divisional goals.
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