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iSpace is dedicated to helping our healthcare clients achieve quality of care, maximize revenues, reduce costs, or gather evidence to implement organizational change through decision support tools, benchmark databases, and research services. Our solutions and expertise provide a powerful view of hospital and health system clinical performance to help your team detect unseen inefficiencies, prioritize opportunities and set improvement goals based on relevant, dependable quantitative information.

Our team of technology specialists and healthcare industry experts deliver some of the best-in-class business and clinical intelligence solutions and services for hospital executives and physicians. We have a thorough understanding of different facets of the industry and provide solutions spanning different areas - healthcare finance, operations, medical management, quality of care, regulatory compliance and key performance indicators, to name a few.


iSpace Clinical Analytics and Intelligence System provide quantitative evidence of unique customer performance management which compare and aggregate data and include clinical process, outcomes and cost variables. Our end-to-end services include Strategy, Analysis, Design, Data Migration, and Implementation to Deployment.

  • Hospital Financial Analytics
  • Operational and Financial Improvement
  • Clinical Cost and Quality Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmark Comparisons (DRG, Physicians)


  • Executive Management Dashboards and KPI’s
  • Hospital Value Reporting (Cost Savings/ ROI)
  • Hospital/Physician Scorecard
  • Physician Performance Management System
  • Hospital Performance Benchmark System
  • Clinical Quality Management Reporting

Benchmarking clinical & financial performance based on

  • Hospital Profile
  • Case Mix / Severity Adjustment
  • Wage Index Adjustment
  • AHRQ Indicators
  • Charge, Cost, Reimbursement & Profit data
  • By Hospital, MDC, DRG, APC, HCPC, Department
  • DRG Coding and Analysis


  • Drive operational process efficiencies through clinical and financial outcomes.
  • Provide precise and relevant information to help hospitals lower costs and increase efficiencies.
  • Improve care quality, patient safety and outcomes.
  • Evaluate outcomes with a dashboard of mission-critical benchmarks, including AHRQ national indicators, complications, risk-adjusted mortality and resource metrics.
  • Provide a timely snapshot of performance on individual measures, down to the patient and physician level.
  • Gain new ideas based on best practices with qualitative, evidence-based information that complements quantitative and comparative information.
  • Evaluate cost performance and FTE utilization to identify factors driving high costs and to build accurate budgets.
  • Develop a scientific baseline financial position by analyzing revenue, volume trends and events and value based on relevant and reliable, quantitative information.


Clinical Analytic Technology

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