Corporate Social Responsibility

iSpace’s corporate responsibility practices are tightly integrated with our culture and business and fall into two categories:


iSpace supports specific, localized programs in the region we operate globally. We support a wide range of educational initiatives that promote accessibility, sustainability, and self-sufficiency such as building schools and libraries, supporting teacher training, literacy, and mentoring programs, and enabling technical learning environments.

We build relationships with and create a lasting impact on the diverse communities in which we live, work, and serve. We foster a sincere spirit of giving and volunteerism and challenge our employees to lead civic efforts that shape the future of our communities.

Recognizing our corporate and community responsibility, we are proud of our support in the following organizations:

The Open Door Education Foundation

The Open Door Education Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of trained Americans entering the information technology (IT) industry. Their goal is to educate and encourage all students, their parents and counselors to consider careers in information technology. The Open Door awards scholarships to students entering college to study in the computer field.

The Open Door Education Foundation

iSpace has been a proud supporter of the Open Door Foundation since its inception.

Westside Center for Independent Living

Westside Center for Independent Living has been advocating for and serving people with disabilities throughout western Los Angeles and the South Bay area. The Westside Center for Independent Living is a non-residential center dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with all kinds of disabilities.

Westside Center for Independant Living

The goal of the peer-led programs and services is the elimination of economic, social, attitudinal and environmental barriers.

STEM Advantage

STEM Advantage, which mentors, prepares & inspires young women & underserved communities, to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering & math (STEM); and the Indian Cross and Round Table, through which iSpace has provided employee volunteers and donations to aid in flood relief, among other efforts.


iSpace’s working environments are designed to optimize performance and efficiency while reducing energy consumption, waste and pollution.

iSpace consciously chose to host all of its IT infrastructure in energy efficient data centers and uses technologies such as Virtualization, Thin Client Computing and energy rated monitors to ensure that the energy consumption is minimized thereby contributing to the environment.